I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere
I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere
Episode 286: The Autistic Sleuth

Episode 286: The Autistic Sleuth

“That was the curious incident” [SILV]

From time to time, we see analysis and debate about whether Sherlock Holmes was autistic, had Asperger Syndrome, or is in some other way on the spectrum.

As neurodiversity becomes more understood and accepted in the 21st century, it seems natural to explore this not only with Holmes, but with other characters in the genre as well. 

In The Autistic Sleuth, Christopher Chan and Patricia Meyer Chan, Ph.D., test the question: Is the entertainment industry celebrating neurodiversity or is it reinforcing stereotypes? They analyze how two dozen characters appearing in filmed productions from around the globe who are presented as atypical minds.

We have Sherlockian news, as well as another round of the Canonical Couplet quiz. It's a super-easy one this time. The winner, chosen at random from all correct answers, will receive a copy of The Autistic Sleuth. Send your answer to comment @ ihearofsherlock .com by May 14, 2024 at 11:59 a.m. EDT. All listeners are eligible to play.

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And we also have some additional conversation with Chris as bonus content for this episode for our supporters.

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